The Satellite Television Access and Viewer Rights Act (STAVRA) must be passed by the end of the year to avoid satellite TV blackouts.

However, the cable industry has added a special interest provision to the bill that could drive up cable bill prices, reduce consumer choice, and slow down video innovation across the pay-TV industry.

The Telecommunications Act of 1996 directed the FCC to promote a competitive market in set-top boxes. One way the FCC does this is by requiring cable operators to use the same security technology on their own devices that is available to third parties--called CableCARD rules.

These rules allow innovative devices like TiVo to develop and compete in the video device marketplace. This is referred to as the “integration ban,” and it ensures that all cable services and features remain available to consumers who choose to buy a third-party set-top box instead of rent a set-top box from their cable provider.

The provision in STAVRA eliminates the integration ban, which will make it more difficult for the FCC to ensure set-top box competition, leading to higher cable bills and decreased innovation. Congress must eliminate this provision before passing STAVRA.

Please use the tools below to call, write, or tweet your representatives and tell them to say no to the repeal of the integration ban in STAVRA.

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