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Public Knowledge Statement on Termination of Patent Reform Bill


“It is unfortunate that, after over a year of negotiations and discussions, the Patent Transparency and Improvements Act has been pulled from the docket. Although ‘companies on both sides of the issue’ could not come to agreement, the real loser here is the American consumer. Patent abuse raises costs on consumer products, keeps innovators from bringing products to markets, and blocks all individuals from fully accessing the wealth of technology. Without the bipartisan, White House-supported, widely agreed-upon reforms that were pending before the Senate, consumers will continue to pay a tax for an outmoded, misused patent system.”

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Public Knowledge Says ‘Special 301’ Report Bows To Big Media Companies

The following is attributed to Rashmi Rangnath, director of Public Knowledge's Global Knowledge Initiative:

"Once again the U.S. Trade Representative has produced a fact-free report that ignored any point of view except that of big media companies. We are distressed that countries which have yet to pass harsh legislation being pushed around the world remain on the watch lists, while countries which give in to U.S. pressure, such as Spain, are removed when they pass punitive legislation. 

"We are particularly distressed that Canada remains on the Priority Watch List, even though Canadian laws provide greater rights to copyright holders than U.S. laws. It appears that these rights are not stringent enough for the special interests pushing for even stronger measures."

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Public Knowledge Disappointed With Hulu Move Behind Pay Wall

The following is attributed to Gigi B. Sohn, president and CEO of Public Knowledge:

"It is a shame that the owners of Hulu have decided to restrict access to the site's content to those with pay-TV subscriptions. By all accounts, the site was doing well supported by advertising, attracting millions of visitors every month.

"Restricting access to legal content will only drive consumers to find illegal content. In particular, we are concerned about restricting access to TV programming available over free over-the-air broadcasting. It should be available online, regardless whether anyone subscribes to cable or satellite TV. By putting more restrictions on consumer access to popular content, the entertainment industry only removes any justification for stronger "anti-piracy" laws it is perpetually seeking from Congress.

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Groups Warn Congress of Dangers In Universal Music Group-EMI Merger

Consumer Federation of America (CFA) and Public Knowledge today told key lawmakers that the planned merger between Universal Music Group and EMI would give the combined company “the power to distort or even determine the fate of digital distribution models.”

In a nine-page letter to the leaders of the Senate Antitrust Subcommittee, CFA and PK noted that the combined market share would have a market share of more than 40 percent, far above the five companies targeted by the Justice Department in the agency’s recent suit against publishers alleging price-fixing for e-books.

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